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Course 7 – Non Transsecting Urethroplasty

Difficulty : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In cases of short stenosis of the bulbo-membranous angle, a simple enlargement plasty can be proposed: the principle is to incise longitudinally and in the concavity the stenotic zone of the urethra and then suture it transversely.

This is a simple technique in its conception but quite difficult to perform if one does not master the dissection of the membranous urethra on its anterior side. This technique has several advantages: speed of execution, absence of free grafting, possibility of performing a mucosal graft using this approach if necessary, shorter postoperative catheterisation. However, this technique also has its limitations, linked to the difficulty of preoperatively estimating the length of the stenosis (often underestimated). The maximum length of a stenosis to be treated by this technique is 15 mm.

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