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Course 5 – Approach to the bulbar and membranous urethra

Difficulty : ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is the passport to urethral surgery:

With experience, it turns out that it is the approach to the membranous urethra that frees the surgeon from the urethra: this part of the urethra is known to be the most difficult to access.

The technique of dissection, release and traction proposed here, in fact externalizes and lengthens the membranous urethra: our studies on anatomical subjects have shown that the membranous urethra thus put in traction increased from 9 to 28 mm. With this approach, the entire upper surface of the membranous urethra is visible, can be opened and the incision extended distally.

It is, if possible, to be worked on in the anatomy laboratory and it can, with experience, allow a graft to be positioned up to the prostatic apex without major difficulty or injury to the striated sphincter.

Furthermore, the absence of dissection of the entire posterior part of the membranous and prostatic apex is a great advantage: there is no need to fear consequences on erection.

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