Progress In Urethral Surgery

Progress and Lessons in Urethral Surgery


This free, non-sponsored website has been created to share knowledge and facilitate the acquisition and mastery of surgical techniques in male urethral surgery. In other words, the program aims to greatly reduce the learning curve for experienced surgeons.

These techniques are described in detail and based on extensive experience at Grenoble University Hospital, Beirut and many

other urology centers. This experience was preceded and enriched by

research in the anatomy laboratory. The videos describing the basic techniques of male urethral surgery were made on bodies offered to science, in compliance with Human Rights and the code of ethics of the Laboratoire d'Anatomie Des Alpes Françaises of the University of Grenoble-Alpes. Surgery performed on a cadaver allows for a much better view of the different anatomical structures concerned by the operation, and insists on exposure and spacing.

These basic techniques have been classified according to their

increasing difficulty, from one to five stars (increasingly

difficult). We recommend that you master the simplest operations

before advancing to more difficult ones.

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If you are under 18 years of age, we appreciate your interest in the subject matter, but please return to this site in a few years when you are of legal age.

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Pr Boillot
Pr Boillot

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Dr Khogeer
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Dr Beydoun
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Keywords :

Urethral surgery, Uretroplasty, Urethrograms, Enlargement plasty, Oral mucosa, Urethral stenosis, pedagogy and teaching


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This site is intended for the transmission and sharing of knoledge among experienced surgeons.

It is not a site for making appointments or providing advice to patients.

Productions of the videos :

Emma Draye et Cédric Cézard - Julien Hérisson

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